Day 10

Ten days down, twenty to go.  I am one third of the way through this sumbitch.  Surprisingly, I have killed 0 people due to hanger.  Although, someone reheated pizza in the kitchen at work today, and for a brief moment visions of pizza-related strong arm robbery danced through my head.

I’m down about 13 lbs from where I started.  So, yay?  I am now slightly less huge.  Moving around is getting a little easier again.  I am getting slightly less terrible at the workouts.

I’m still not sold on the supposed health benefits of the diet itself.  If you look at online paleo discussions, you will see people talking about “inflammation” and how carbs tear up the digestive tract and how most people are secretly lactose intolerant or something, but I’m not feeling any different, honestly.  Maybe that will change as the month goes on.  I have slightly more energy, but at this point I’m chalking that up to the increased exercise.

Time to sign off again.  I need to figure out what I’m going to eat NEXT week.

Day 10

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