Day 10

Ten days down, twenty to go.  I am one third of the way through this sumbitch.  Surprisingly, I have killed 0 people due to hanger.  Although, someone reheated pizza in the kitchen at work today, and for a brief moment visions of pizza-related strong arm robbery danced through my head.

I’m down about 13 lbs from where I started.  So, yay?  I am now slightly less huge.  Moving around is getting a little easier again.  I am getting slightly less terrible at the workouts.

I’m still not sold on the supposed health benefits of the diet itself.  If you look at online paleo discussions, you will see people talking about “inflammation” and how carbs tear up the digestive tract and how most people are secretly lactose intolerant or something, but I’m not feeling any different, honestly.  Maybe that will change as the month goes on.  I have slightly more energy, but at this point I’m chalking that up to the increased exercise.

Time to sign off again.  I need to figure out what I’m going to eat NEXT week.

Day 10

Internets, I am torn

On the one hand, this challenge is something I am honestly trying to do my best at, because I think it will help me to get healthier and get me back on the mat more consistently.

On the other hand, I am an incorrigible cynic full of snark and bile.

I am actually quite comfortable with this contradiction.  I am vast (I know, because I stepped on the scale today!).  I contain multitudes.  I have reservations about both paleo and crossfit, but I am using this challenge as a way to shake up my routine for a month and hopefully break some bad habits.  Amid a sea of positive people and cheery facebook status updates, I am a perpetual sad trombone noise, played on loop.

I am this way because I have a strong aversion to getting conned, and I deeply suspect that much of the weight loss industry is a long con. This is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that preys upon the fears and insecurities of anyone who struggles with their weight (which, according to the industry, is almost all of us).  Every year, we are fed an endless buffet of conflicting information about health/weight related issues.  Chocolate is good! Chocolate is bad!  Wine is good!  Don’t drink wine, you lushes!  Carbs are bad!  No, fats are!  No, we’re back to carbs being bad again!  Many of the studies published are industry sponsored, and it is difficult for the average person to tell good science from bad.

So, I’m a skeptic.  I’m personally of the persuasion that the best way to lose weight is to eat “well” and exercise.  If this challenge can help me to do that, great!  Half the reason I am writing this blog is so that I can use it as an outlet for my snark and skepticism without raining on anyone else’s parade.  The other half of the reason is to document what I do, so that I can look back on this with some objectivity (hopefully) while I try to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t.

Internets, I am torn